OP-Z | Limited

Specifically crafted for the Teenage-Engineering OP-Z. If you are looking for the Electon Digitakt Samples go here!

OP-Z | One 

Limited to 200 downloads | Price 1 $


1 $ | New!

1 $ | Sold Out

One of the most inexpensive sound packages you'll find around. 

However, affordability doesn't mean less quality or less attention to the sounds we are crafting. 

With our distribution model, the only difference compared with the others series is that more people will have access to these sounds, nothing less, nothing more. These packages might sound just a bit less "exclusive", but absolutely with any compromises on the sound research.

OP-Z | Fire

Limited to 100 downloads | Price 5


5 $ | Sold Out

5 $ | Sold Out

The Fire series packs are available in batches of 100. Sharp and fine tuned hi-quality samples and sought after presets to drive your imagination on the next beat. 

Install the sample pack in your TE device and explore the projects preset we have crafted for the best sound experience. From there to the next banger the path is short. 

OP-Z | Pink

Limited to 25 downloads | Price 10 $ 

10 $ | Sold Out

10 $ | Sold Out


10 $ | Coming Soon!

Our most exclusive sample pack series. Only 25 available downloads for each batch. Your Teenage Engineering OPZ will never sound like someone's else.

Each sample and preset is mastered to sound fresh and punchy and to hit your studio speakers with the most riches sound ever.

Spotify addicted?

As you explore the creative possibilities of your compact OP-Z, with our curated Sample Packs. We've crafted remarkable playlists designed to inspire and elevate your musical journey. 

Our playlists provide a diverse sonic landscape, sparking creativity and enhancing your musical exploration.

Did you create a Song with one of our sample pack?

Let us hear that, and if we like it, we will add it to our playlists too!

Tag us on one of the social-media pages 

and we'll listen to it ♥️


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