OP-Z Packs | Series One

Limited to 200 downloads | Price 1 $

About this release

The OP-Z is a mono sampler. 

Oh, really?

Yes, but this doesn't mean that it can't sound ultra-stereo.

Check out the project's preview from the nearby player and tell us if you miss the stereo field.

For this release, we have gone pan and LFO mad. 

Enjoy mega-synth patches, powerful sub-basses, crazy arp and FX programming for a sound that never sounded wider and crunchy.

Three projects with odd-eerie rhythms and finely over-processed samples just in time for the winter mood.

With the Astra pack, you'll be able to create top-notch beats with sounds and effects that can fit most electronic and hip-hop music genres.

Listen carefully to "Grandine". In that project, the OP-Z has been filled with out-sync automation patterns that result in an out-worldling song structure generation, ready to be mangled.

This pack is designed to sound ultra-spacey and odd. Your signature will leave everyone speechless.

We want to listen to your tracks made with our packs. #Tag us on TikTok and Instagram for a shout!

What's inside





Projects preview

The tracks are recorded directly from the OPZ into Ableton and exported with a standard limiter set to -1dB on the master chain. 

All sounds are included in the sample pack or generated by the OPZ engines.

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