Ableton | Sample Packs & M4L Plugins

The Bundle | M4L Plugin

for Ableton live | Price  11

Explore our M4L collection designed exclusively for Ableton Live, offering a comprehensive suite for refining your mixing and mastering routines.

Elevate your audio production with a diverse range of tools and effects tailored to enhance the experience of making music with Ableton Live.

Wavescope | M4L Plugin - V 6.0

for Ableton live | Price 7

Our M4L plugin for Ableton Live for visualizing the waveform of your sound on your master track in realtime. 

Inspired by the s(M)exoscope and Traktor visualization layout, this plugin helps you to immediately visualize your track signal. 

A must have for the mixing and mastering routine.


The VU | M4L Plugin - V 1.0

for Ableton live | Price 3

Inspired by classic VU meters, this plugin combines the vintage aesthetics for a  visually captivating representation of your audio levels. 

Watch as the needle respond dynamically to your sound, offering real-time insights into peaks and dynamics. 

Elevate your monitoring game and add a touch of retro flair to your Ableton Live setup.

A must have for the mixing and mastering routine.


Linearscope | M4L Plugin - V 3

for Ableton live | Price 3 $

Keep your signal level under control with this Max 4 Live plugin. 

You can easily understand if one of your bands is reaching "dangerous" levels instead of constantly pointing your mouse over the Ableton Spectum utility.


Color Limiter + | M4L Plugin - V 1.0

for Ableton live | Free!

Take the standard Ableton Color Limit distortion plugin, the sonic sculptor that transforms your audio with unparalleled depth and character. 

Now take it a step further and add the Dry / Wet control knob 🙂

You now have the most amazing tool to deliver a unique fusion of grit, saturation, and harmonics but with the possibility of blending the sound with original directly from the interface. 


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