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M4L | Wavescope 5

Plugin for Ableton live | Price 5 $

Our M4L plugin for Ableton Live for visualizing the waveform of your sound on your master track in realtime.

Inspired by the s(M)exoscope and Traktor visualization layout, this plugin helps you to immediately visualize your track signal.

A must have for the mixing and mastering routine.


  • New Band Splitter Calibration

  • 4 different length/size analysis

  • 4 Band Analysis (Lo, MidLo, MidHi, Hi)

  • 0, 3, 6, 12 dB Zoom

  • Detachable external monitor floating window

M4L | Linearscope 2.2

Plugin for Ableton live | Price 2 $

Keep your signal level under control with this Max 4 Live plugin.

You can easily understand if one of your bands is reaching "dangerous" levels instead of constantly pointing your mouse over the Ableton Spectum utility.


  • 19 Bands analisys

  • 0, 3, 6, 12 dB Zoom

  • 20 sections color coding and -1 dB clipping indicator

  • Low CPU requirements

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