OP-Z Packs | Fire Series

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About this release

What happen when you program the OPZ delay to follow the perfectly tuned OPZ lead synth engine?  

You ends up moving yor head on the 4/4 kicks and start to enjoy turning the rotary knobs again and again. 

Dub is behind the corner. Lights your spliff up, move the faders of your mixer up till you start seeing the red lights on (just a bit) winter is coming, better be prepared.

We just launched our TikTok and Instagram page, don't forget to follow up with us and show us what you are doing with your little OPZ.

Stay safe ♥️

P.S: do you know that you can download all the songs for free on BandCamp?

What's inside





Projects preview

The tracks are recorded directly from the OPZ into Ableton and exported with a standard limiter set to -1dB on the master chain. 

All sounds are included in the sample pack or generated by the OPZ engines.

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