OP-Z Packs | Fire Series

Limited to 100 downloads | Price 5 $

About this release

The bass is pumping, the tape echo is spinning super-fast, and the synth engines are exploring new limits.

Introducing Thimble, the next limited release in the fire series, limited to 100 downloads.

24x4 perfectly crafted samples and four projects to explore what the OP-Z is capable of. 

As usual all the samples have been passed into our reel-to-reel tape machine for a crispy and noisy charisma and a pefect -0.1 dB limit.

Download the pack and explore the edges of the sound design on the little Teenage Engineering beast.  

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Happy OP-Z ♥️

You can listen to and download all the songs for free on BandCamp !

What's inside





Projects preview

The tracks are recorded directly from the OPZ into Ableton and exported with a standard limiter set to -1dB on the master chain. 

All sounds are included in the sample pack or generated by the OPZ engines.

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