OP-Z Packs | Fire Series

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About this release

Deep and slow, glitchy and sparkling, whit a spindle of iron on the snares. 

There's no better way to wake up and enjoy an OPZ morning routine than when the sun goes up.

Put your headphones on, turn on the little Teenage Engineering marvel, stir the coffee and enjoy the breeze.

This sample pack will inspire you the moment you'll start clicking on the little circle buttons.

Snares, Kicks, Percussions and FX are (as usual) top of the notch, bright, punchy and already with the right balance for producing banger tracks.

Refill the coffee cup. You'll need it.

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What's inside





Projects preview

The tracks are recorded directly from the OPZ into Ableton and exported with a standard limiter set to -1dB on the master chain. 

All sounds are included in the sample pack or generated by the OPZ engines.

#techno #DUB #dubTecno #House music #Experimental #fieldRecording #Noise #vinyl #HIP-hop #Trap #Sampledfromvinyl #Kick #Snare #KickKit #OPZSynthEngines #TeenageEngineering #SamplePacks


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