Elektron | Limited

Tuned for the Elektron Digitakt. If you are looking for the Teenage Engineering OP-Z Samples go here!

Digitakt | One 

Limited to 250 downloads | Price 1 $ 🔥

1$ | New!


1$ | Coming Soon!

Discover one of the most budget-friendly sound packages available for the Elektron Digitakt

Despite its affordability, rest assured that our commitment to quality and meticulous sound design remains uncompromised.

Our unique distribution model ensures broader accessibility without compromising the excellence of our crafted sounds. While these packages may feel slightly less exclusive, the sonic research and innovation behind them are unparalleled.

Digitakt | Encha

Limited to 100 downloads | Price 5 $ 


5$ | Coming Soon!

Immerse yourself in the transformative world of our Encha series packs, available in batches of 100. Elevate your musical creations with meticulously crafted, sharp, and finely tuned high-quality samples, coupled with sought-after presets designed to fuel your imagination and inspire your next Digitakt performance.

Upon installing this dynamic sample pack in your Elektron device, unlock a world of sonic possibilities. Dive into the meticulously curated samples to enjoy the ultimate sound experience, seamlessly blending innovation with the familiarity of classic elements. 

From the initial exploration to the creation of your next chart-topping banger, the journey is both effortless and exhilarating. Let the Encha Series ignite your creative spark and propel your music production to new heights

Digitakt | Oko

Limited to 25 downloads | Price 10 $ 


10$ | Coming Soon

Dive headfirst into the universe of our Oko Series packs, a vibrant collection of sonic treasures. 

Elevate your musical canvas with meticulously sculpted, razor-sharp samples that dance on the edge of innovation. Paired with coveted presets, these sonic gems are designed to not only fuel your imagination but to be the secret sauce for your next electrifying Digitakt performance.

From your initial sonic exploration to the creation of the next seismic chart-topper, the Oko Series beckons you on an effortless and exhilarating quest. Let these sounds not just ignite but set ablaze your creative spark, propelling your music production into uncharted realms of brilliance. Welcome to Oko, a symphony of innovation and timeless artistry.

Tuned for the Elektron Syntakt

Syntakt | One 

Limited to 250 downloads | Price 1 $ 🔥


1$ | Coming Soon!