OP-Z Packs | Series One

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About this release

With over 90 samples to mangle and process, this pack will give you sonic access to crazy drum samples and presets.

You'll find deep sub-basses, powerful kicks, sharp snares, claps and mad fx.

As a bonus, you'll find 5 projects with different rhythms and styles that cover a comprehensive spectrum of techniques for creative musicians.

Hammer is about making vibe-filled, cutting-edge beats in real-time with the OP-Z. It is all about the music you're looking for, whether this is deep House, Techno or dirty Dub(step).

Samples that'll get the adrenaline flowing for beats so hard you can feel them in your ribcage

Take your tracks to the next level with a wide range of sounds across all genres and tempos. 

This pack is designed to help you find the signature sound you're looking for in no time at all.

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What's inside





Projects preview

The tracks are recorded directly from the OPZ into Ableton and exported with a standard limiter set to -1dB on the master chain. 

All sounds are included in the sample pack or generated by the OPZ engines.

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